Photo Plotting Services

After being in business for 20 years, Great Lakes Engineering is now offering photo plotter services at competitive rates. Along with this service we can provide CAD editing and film punching.

Photo plotters (2) units

What is a Photo Plotter?

Essentially, a photo plotter is primarily an electro-mechanical-optical machine that is meant to expose undeveloped images with a computer-controlled light source.

This is mainly utilized for PCBs, IC packaging, chemical milling, and specialized graphic arts. While much of the process involves lasers, the first photoplotter was originally developed in the 1960s. Back then, the photoplotter originally utilized xenon flash lamps and projected an image mounted in a rotating aperture wheel onto the photosensitive surface of the film or glass plate. To produce draws and flashes, the imaging head assembly would move through the surface of the photo.

Our photoplotters utilize raster-scan devices, using red helium-neon lasers to focus on more than one area.

We offer these multiple standard film sizes:

Film Sizes:
8 x 10
10 x 12
11 x 14
12 x 18
16 x 20
20 x 24
20 x 26
24 x 24
24 x 30

We are able to offer larger sizes as well but are not considered standard, please call us for details.

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We also offer multiple levels of quality plotting with outstanding tolerances and turn times.

The average photo plot will be shipped in 1-3 days.

Dpi Minimum Feature Sizes Feature Tolerance
4000 60um +/- 7um
8000 60um +/- 7um
10000 40um +/- 6um
16000 40um +/- 6um
25000 15um +/- 4um
40000 10um +/- 3um

1/4 mil resolution = 4000 dpi

1/10 mil resolution = 10000 dpi

1/25 mil resolution = 25000 dpi

1/40 mil resolution = 40000 dpi

Positional Tolerance + /- .0015" over 24"

Registration Tolerance +/- 1 mil

Minimum features are for line / space only. Please inquire for squares or Circles.

general photo plotting room
general photo plotting room

All photo plots are packaged to prevent damaged and sealed in MIL-PRF-131k water-vapor proof moisture barrier bags

If you are interested in our photo plotting services, please provide us with a file in the following formats DXF, GDSII, 274X or DWG.

If you have any questions please contact Jenna Roesler at (763) 233-5534 or

Quality Services

At Great Lakes Engineering, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our staff and the advanced capabilities of the technology in our facility. We’re able to do everything for our clients, from chemical etching to photochemical etching to precision laser cutting and beyond!

For each service that we offer, customers can be confident that the final result will be a product with quality that exceeds their expectations.

A History of Excellence

For over 20 years, Great Lakes Engineering has made excellent customer service and industry-leading innovation a cornerstone of its business. We’ve kept up with developments in technology so that we can offer photochemical etching and similar services that are in high demand today. Today, electroforming, metal etching and laser cutting are just a few of the advanced options that you can find at Great Lakes Engineering. To serve you better, we even have a dedicated engineering team who can take your concept and bring it to life.

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